Egg Holder Cabinet


  • Hand fabricated and welded
  • Anodized Aluminum frame construction
  • This can be painted or powder coated to match any decor
  • Diameter of hole can be adjusted to fit size of Egg

Modular cabinets for your outdoor kitchen that are 25”(W) x 25”(D) X 34” (H). Pick as many modules as you would like and will custom make a top of your choosing to make them look like one piece of outdoor cabinetry for your custom outdoor kitchen. The modules can be made to fit a grill into the top along with designs for fully sealed, water-tight storage for anything you need to keep dry and a regular cabinet design with a couple shelves. The beauty of our tops is that you can even have us leave space for an outdoor icemaker or add a sink easily with a custom design and installation service. While not pictured here, we also offer a larger cabinet for bigger items and more storage that can match your outdoor kitchen design measuring 48”(W) x 25”(D) x 60”(H).


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